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       PLEXIPAVEÒ Product

Manufactured by California Products Corporation, PLEXIPAVEÒ series are 100% acrylic tennis court surfacing system. The products meet all the standards of ITF and U.S. Tennis Court and Track Builders Association.

The series of products have won the recognition of the world tennis authorities including ITF, ATP (Association of Men's Tennis Professionals) and WTA (Women's Tennis Association) with its superior quality and stable performance. The brand is a well-known quality surface for tennis court.


Since the introduction to Chinese market in 1995 by Beijing Green World Sports Industry Incorporated, thousands of competition-ready court surface have been applied including tennis courts of the 21st World University Games in 2001, the 9th National Games in 2002 and China Open held in Beijing for consecutively ten years from 2004, and the 6th Inter-City Games in 2007. Plexipave ® has been appointed as the sole court surfacing material for those games.


 Product Features

¨  100% acrylic dedicated for tennis court coating. Free of toxic material.

¨  ¨  The top cushion layer not only well covers tiny cracks in the foundation but also has excellent shock absorption thus reducing the impact on the player.

¨  ¨  All weather use. Anti-Ultraviolet and long lasting colors.

¨  ¨  Easy to maintain

¨  ¨  Competitive Pricing