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After-Sales Service


Three-level Supervision  


Field Management: Project Manager is responsible for direct management of construction site. 

Supervision Management: Chief Engineer is responsible for all-round monitor of construction quality and independent construction check of completed works.

Supervision & Inspection: The Project Quality Supervision Group consisting of the personnel of relevant departments will supervise and inspect the construction site irregularly and promptly correct the hidden dangers if any. 

Four Measures

Process Self-inspection: The completion of one process allows proceeding with further operations. 

Engineering Self-inspection: Upon completion of each engineering project, the managerial personnel will conduct self-inspection; after passing the self-inspection, the project can be applied for completion acceptance to the Owner.


Acquisition of customer feedback: The Company will deliver a table of Customer Feedback after completing a project, so as to acquire all-round opinions or suggestions of customers on products, field management, construction and quality. 


Collection of after-sales advices: After-sale staff will send a Feedback Table of After-sale Advices to the customer upon completion of onsite service, listening to customer's opinion and appraisal on after-sale service and service quality.


Professional Test


We promise solemnly that the Company will conduct self-inspection or apply for a professional laboratory serial test on sports ground we undertake, and this is also a guarantee for our customers.


Professional cleaning


The cleaning equipment, produced by Germany KARCHER, the world's famous cleaning equipment manufacturer, has been nominated as the dedicated equipment for athletic grounds of Olympic Games, boasting perfect cleaning effects. Our Company adopts professional KARCHER scrubber to clean athletic grounds, so as to not guarantee a favorable construction quality for grounds but create a pleasant cleaning environment.


Professional Return Visit


The project details will be automatically entered the after-sale service database upon the delivery of an engineering project. Our after-sale personnel will pay a professional return visit every three months in order to understand the service conditions of the grounds or products and thus provide the onsite technical guidance and consultation.


Customer Feedback


We will send a Table of Customer Feedback upon the completion of a project and ask our customer to raise their precious advice or suggestion around personnel quality, product quality, project quality and civilized construction. Whether well-intentioned criticism or positive suggestions, we would like to sincerely accept it and make greater effort to improve.


Customer Satisfaction Survey


One of significant work contents at the end of each year is to send a Customer Satisfaction Survey to both customers and agents. Through survey, we can comprehensively understand the customer's appraisal or suggestion on our after-sale service, product quality and engineering quality. The results will serve as the basis to formulate our further work plan. Our target is 100% customer satisfaction.


24h Response System


The Company adopts a 24h response system. Whether technical consultation or hard problems, our professional staff must arrive at the scene to give you a satisfactory answer, only a phone call.


Free Consultation Hotline


To bring convenience to our customers, we have opened a free consultation hotline: 800-810-8989; whatever and whenever you are, you can contact us freely.