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                The Warm-up Venue of 2008 BeijingOlympic Games National Stadium-Bird's Nest


                                            National TennisCenterforChinaTennis Open Tournament


     2008 Beijing Olympic Games National Tennis Center


                                       Beijing TennisCenterforChinaTennis Open Tournament


                                              Guangzhou TennisCenter for Asian Games 2010


                Chaoyang SportsCenter for the 11th IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics


                                         Foshan ShijilianSportsCenter for the 16th Asian Games


                                       Tennis Center for the 21st World University Games


                                       Hubei Tennis Center for the 6th National City Games


           Special Training Ground for National Teams to Make Preparations for the Olympic Games


                                                       Sichuan InternationalTennisCenter


                                                Tennis CenterofNanchangInternationalSportsCenter