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 ARCHlegno Wood Structure

Archlegno wood structures, are the products of Italian Archlegno Company as a result of 30-year research and innovation. The technological breakthrough out of traditional concrete and steel structures has brought the arched and curved wood structures into the sports venues and public facilities. These artistic building structures are natural, graceful, contemporary and practical. Our company was the first to introduce the products into the Chinese markets.




The Archlegno wood structures are manufactured based on careful calculation and design and give full consideration of factors such as climate, geological conditions, surroundings and fire control safety etc. Whether situated at seaside, hilltop, plain field or under tropic or cold climatic conditions, we are always able to custom design a beautiful and high performance Archlegno wood structure for our customers.




The wooden structure is glued with unique but excellent spruce, fir, oak and pine timber from Northern Europe. Those structures break the span limitation of traditional structures and have the following features:




Advantages of the Wood Structure:


Light Weight: For the same scale and layout, the weight of wood structure is only 1/6 of cement structure and 1/5 of steel structure.
Large Span:
Glued with excellent timbers, the wood structure is breaking the span limitations of traditional structures. No matter what span is, 50m or 85m, the wooden structure will always remain intact and perfect, even after using for more than 30 years.

    Anti-Seismic Safety: When an earthquake occurs, the wood structure sustains a far less damage. In Europe, wood structure is considered much safer than steel structure and cement structures.

    Fire Resistance: The wood structure strictly follows the fire standards of European Community (EC) and Italy. According to the EC standards, the wood structure remains unchanged when the surface temperature reaches up to 1,200 Celsius degrees. In Italian standards, the fire-proof standards for the wood structure fall into three classes, namely, 30min, 60min and 90min. For instance: the wooden structure of gymnasium will not collapse after burning for 60 minutes. However, the steel structure will be distorted under the same conditions. 

    Water and Moisture Proof: Since every wood beam is processed with special techniques for corrosion and moisture prevention, it is applicable even to the natatorium with heavy moisture and humidity. Additionally, the wood structure will not contact the ground directly, which is also important measure to prevent corrosion and moisture.

    Thermal Insulation: With additional materials installed as the ceiling, the wood structure roof is superior in heat insulation and thermal preservation.

Features of Archlegno Wooden Structures:

Timber texture and natural colors create the natural harmony and unification between human and nature.

Customized design caters for different local conditions. Each project gives high priority to specific demand of the customer such as local geological and climatic conditions, and fully satisfies the standards for shock resistance, fire control, wind and snow load.

Glued wood structure has large span and wide applications.

Prefabricated, easy to install a shorter construction cycle.

Excellent stability and safe for use. Lightweight and applicable for any place, even on a building roof or highly seismic regions.

Thermal insulation with low energy consumption.

All weather use and high usage rate  

       Longevity. lasts over a hundred years

Scope of Applications

The wood structures are widely used for tennis stadium, natatorium, basketball arena, gymnasium stadium, supermarket, library, school premises, casual restaurant, large theater, gallery, bridge and other various sports venues and public facilities.