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 Play-Ace Pro System


Acrylic Acid Coating Series for Tennis Court ITF Certificate


Play-ace tennis court series of water-based acrylic coating consists of 100% acrylic emulsion, nanometer materials and inert pigment, with good wearability, weather fastness and durable colors; this product series allows all-weather use and has a long service life; with low concentration in harmful substances like VOC, this product series meets environmental standards. This product series is applicable to asphalt and cement foundation


 The complete series includes foundation repairing materials, bottom stuffing, pigment and elastic materials, etc., which have been certified by ITF.




   Product Features


Made of 100% water-based acrylic materials, non-toxic, flame-resistant, environmental and exquisite in appearance.


 Dark green, light green, red, purple, blue and gray are available, and other colors are tailored separately upon customer demand.


Widely applied for pavement of various sports grounds and sidewalks such as tennis court, basketball court, badminton court, volleyball court.