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Green World Sports Industry Incorporated works with domestic professional R&D units and foreign professional institutions to introduce the cutting-edge technologies and jointly develop ZEPHYR ® series of prefabricated environmental rubber track materials. This product series is made up of compound rubber and natural rubber and prefabricated through special process in calendering, vulcanizing and stabilizing treatment, which has filled in the domestic gaps in prefabricated environmental rubber track. All technical indicators are authenticated by IAAF, Sports Ground Compound Materials Test Center of the Chinese Athletic Association (CAA) and the State Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Test Center. This  series product also obtains the IAAF Product Quality Authentication and CAA Product Accreditation Certificate for its stable and outstanding technical performance and constant product quality. Additionally, this product is honored the National Category-II Environmental Authentication Certificate. The National Category-II Environmental Authentication Certificate is authentic and reliable, which is issued by China Certification Committee for Environmental Labeling Products (CCEL) under the State Environmental Protection Administration. In 2008, this product is awarded the "State Key Product Certificate" and listed in the National Porch Program. Our Company has become the only official supplier of CAA for field construction for our product series of “ZEPHYR” rubber track. ZEPHYR boasts mature and stable product formula and production process, which guarantees the constant performance indicators; the adhesive composition we develop specially for prefabricated rubber track boasts firm adhesive bonding and reliable quality through tests in tracks of hundreds of thousands of square meters; our rubber tracks are widely applied in dozens of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, from Xinjiang in the northern end to Guangzhou in the southern end, and from Jiangsu in the eastern end to Chongqing in the western end; through tests under different climates and temperatures, we have concluded the construction techniques for various climatic conditions based on the local characteristics. At present, "ZEPHYR" prefabricated rubber track material has won the qualification of exemption for CAA venues.


In design, we fully consider the athletes' requirements for biomechanics: the three-dimensional and reticular interior structure promises the excellent effects in elasticity, intensity, toughness and shock absorption, which effectively decreases muscular fatigue and slight injury for athletes; the finished products are comprised of upper and bottom layers with relief patterns, of which the upper layer is made from compound rubber resistant to ultraviolet light and variation of climates and meteorological conditions. The relief patterns are designed with excellent roles to prevent skidding, spikes, abrasion and reflection. The bottom layer is made of gray elastic material composite with relief patterns, which not enhances the bounce performance for tracks but maximums the anchorage intensity between track materials and base plane.


Product Features


Allowing frequent use, free of rubber granules and degranulation;

Superior in damping effect and bounce performance  

l Good resistance to skidding and abrasion, even free of influence under the rainy day

      Steady adhesion force and strong resistance to spikes;

      Extraordinary capability of aging resistance and UV resistance, maintaining a stable color persistently;

      Matt surface, preventing reflected light and sense of dazzling

l Prefabricated forming and easy installation;

l Applicable to all-weather, with a long service life

l Convenient maintenance at low costs;

l Superior performance in flame retardancy, isolation, sound insulation, and high capability of fire protection and safety performance;

l      Free of noxious solvent VOC, meeting the environmental requirements;

       Compared with the traditional polyurethane plastic tracks, this product boasts the significant superiority in the following five aspects:

Outstanding performance of sports safety. The adoption of the three-dimensional and reticular interior structure greatly enhances the bounce performance, shock absorption and shock resistance of tracks and effectively decreases muscular fatigue and slight injury for athletes. The finished products are comprised of upper and bottom layers. The matt surface is designed with relief patterns or sealskin figures and effectively prevents skidding, abrasion and reflection, avoiding reflected light and sense of dazzling; the bottom layer is made up of black compound elastic materials, which can further enhance the elasticity and seismic resistance of surface layer whilst increasing the thickness of surface layers of tracks.

Outstanding environmental performance. The traditional tracks are casted with rubber granules and polyurethane, of which the polyurethane is harmful to human body. The granulated surface layer may easily bring dust, pollutants and even virus to its intervals, which cannot be cleaned effectively and thus threatens the human health. However, on the contrary, ZEPHYR prefabricated environmental rubber tracks and the supporting adhesives have neither harmful chemicals nor granules and holes in its surface layer, so any dust and pollutants can be conveniently removed by flushing. After use, the surface layer of tracks can be recycled, free of any environmental pollution.

Constant performance creates a fair space for exerting competency. The traditional polyurethane plastic surface layer is casted through chemical combination on the scene. In the construction, any tiny deviation of temperature change and thickness control will cause the changes to its performance. For the prefabricated environmental rubber track, its thickness and physical property are computerized according to designs, completely avoiding the circumstance that operating error and climatic change cause any possible change to the thickness and physical performance. At any places, this rubber track will guarantee a fair space for athletes to exerting their skills.


C     Onvenient construction and maintenance. Low maintenance costs. The product is made up of compound rubber and prefabricated into forms with additional nanometer materials through special process in calendering, vulcanizing and stabilizing treatment. Therefore, this product neither requires a heavy delivery of materials and construction equipment, nor occupies a large storage space on the site. What is only to do is to stick the product on the base plane with dedicated adhesive; when using, there are no falling granules, so it only needs routine maintenance, instead of special service. Thus, the maintenance cost is quite low.


—    Applicable to frequent use, with a long service life. The upper layer made from colored compound rubber is able to persistently resist ultraviolet light and the effects of variable climatic and meteorological condition, supporting all-weather application; the product is free of rubber granules and degranulation and has superior resistance to spikes and excellent wear resistance. Thus, it can allow frequent use, with a long service life of over 15 years.

Product specification

Shaped product is made of coiled materials, and the maximum specification is 15m long, 1.22m wide and 13mm thick.